Open Source Community of Fossasia


fossasia-darkThis is my first blog post and in here, I would like to write about my participation in Open Source Community which is through Fossasia.

To begin with, I came to know about fossasia through Google Code In. After I learnt the basics of a few programming languages, I was trying to find competitions online as it would be a great platform. It was then when i stumbled upon Google Code In during a random search for programming knowledge platform online. I viewed what Code In was all about, read more about it, viewed the tasks and this had further increased my excitement to participate in Google Code In.

This year is my first year of participation and i was reading about organizations in the Code In (GCI) to do my tasks. Basically, participants in Code In will have to choose tasks under certain organization. Luckily, I came to this wonderful organization” Fossasia “. I read the description and skimmed through a few task and I found Fossasia very interesting. Therefore, I chose Fossasia as a destination for my involvements.

I always thought i  knew about Open Source (at least a little bit). After joining , I found out that the understanding of Open source for me had always been limited to providing of free software and never knew more about them. However, I was able to see the bigger picture about the Open Source after joining Fossasia. I came to know about source code  (which  is often ignored by users) , the community, collective participation, contributions, use of Open source software and programs, the objectives and many more.

Joining the Open Source Community of Fossasia is a thing I wish i had done earlier. Though not very long, I have learnt a lot after joining the Open Source community. As a member, I can assure all of you reading my blog that the Community at fossasia is one of the very best and is very wonderful. This organization has been participating in Google competitions as mentor organization for many years.

Although I am new to the community and have not been able to contribute much, I will be looking forward to working with Open Source Projects of Fossasia and provide remarkable contributions. There are a lot of fascinating projects of Fossasia.

You can find them at : Github-fossasia

Some of my personal favourites  are as follows :

  • Front end Search for loklak server ( Github Link ) whose website link is This .
  • The Artificial Intelligence Project of SUSI.AI ( Github Link ) which is for This .

See also: Susi_android and Skill_data

Only after getting in the Open source community and receiving more knowledge on Open Source, I came to know there were many open source applications i had been using. The usage didn’t seem any different form any other applications. Now I’ve come to know about those many applications i had used neglecting the fact of them being open source. Some of them are as follows:

  • VLC Media Player
  • Blender
  • Eclipse IDEs
  • Firefox ( a open source browser)
  • Libre Office
  • Virtual Box and many more.

The Fossasia community  is in the channel Fossasia of Glitter Chat . It is through the site that the community communicates and keeps in touch with each other. The site link is : Here !!

We as a community are also connected through Slack Channel : Here

Joining Fossasia for me was all about learning new skills, having a platform to do projects and to contribute in improvement of technology. I would really want to bring forward innovative ideas for betterment. Some of the projects I’d like to work on would be the

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  • Science,
  • Education,
  • Open Design,
  • Hardware,
  • Imaging and
  • Database.

Having Talked about Fossasia, The various links related are :

Fossasia Website

Fossasia Blog

GCI Fossasia Repository (github)

GCI Organization Profile

Lastly, My task site with Fossasia Here

FOSSASIA pages and accounts can be found in various platform as well. They are: